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Local SEO is a practice for optimizing search results and making them more visible increasing local traffic for searches related to businesses or content near user locations. Usually, people prefer to choose groceries, buy medicines, and go to restaurants, etc. near them. To provide better search results to users Local SEO optimization is necessary. 

Why Local SEO ?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is not just a single component, it contains many terms that optimize a website. Local SEO is a part of SEO itself. Every day people search for Trillions of content and Google find out that some contents or business-related product people tend to search near them. So, to make it easier for users to search for anything near them Local SEO helps to provide the best result near their local area. 

Important Factors for Local SEO

i.)  Engage or Advertise your product on Social Media

Social Media is not only a platform just for communication. With every update and advanced technology, there are many things implemented in social media. Social Media is also a marketplace where a person can promote or advertise their product and content. There are more than 4 billion people active daily on social media which may help in your business growth. Social Media marketplace tends to provide products available near user areas.

ii.) Optimize for Google My Business

Google My Business can have a crucial effect on one’s website. Google My Business is an ideal tool for achieving google’s needs and requirements. To use this tool create an account and verify it and also share google posts within an account. There must be always a review feature and you must encourage users to share reviews online and must respond to reviews. It helps your website to be authentic which in return google rewards you with converted sidebar space in Google’s SEO search. 

iii.) Always Mention NAP

NAP stands for the name, address, and phone number of your business. By mentioning NAP any user can contact you and reach your business office. NAP is considered to be crawlable content which is important in location-based search results. You must highlight your NAP so it will be easier for the user to get access to it. Consider having it on the header or footer of your webpage.     

iv.) Optimize URL, Header Tag, Meta Description, and Content

When someone searches for anything usually websites displayed at the top are most likely to be opened. Your website must be optimized properly in order to rank higher. Consider using keywords with higher search volume using different analyzing tools. Make your URL short but relate to your content. Header Tags must be managed in proper order. Meta Description must be attractive and informative. Content must be optimized properly by following rules. The more your content is optimized, the better it promotes your site in local searches.

v.) Always Add Location on your website 

You may just not have one but many branches for your business organization. It is important to provide the location of your business firm so that users can get to you. The location page provides your name, address, phone number, description of your business, opening and closing hours, most active time, etc. It is important to avoid the same content for your different branches. Create a locally descriptive page according to your location. Adding a Google map to your location page gives you an extra advantage during local searches.

vi.) Create Local Contents 

With every update, Google gets smarter and smarter with new algorithms. You should write content that can attract more users. General articles can attract vast numbers of crowds but it is also necessary to consider writing local content. Before attracting distant people, we must focus on our local users first. Advertisements of local products, local events, local gatherings, local educational content, etc. can help your website to rank higher. It can help you to gain trust among your local users or customers and through their positive reviews and comments one’s business can grow even further. 

vii.) Make Mobile Friendly Website

From the different research, it is found that more than 70% of user uses mobile phones to search for anything locally. One must make websites that are mobile-friendly for a better user experience. It is easier for any user to search for it on mobile phones rather than laptops or PCs. The user mainly uses mobile to know the locations, reviews, and contacts of any business firm. Nowadays, it is like a trend people search for anything which is nearby them. ‘Near Me’ searches are gradually increasing which targets local organizations and grows their business. 

viii.) Participate Locally

The more you participate in local events and meetings the more trust and recognition you get. Partnerships with any profit or non-profit organization, sponsoring events, partnerships with other companies, etc. can help your organization to grow. You can even participate in online events promoting your local products and content. Backlinks that are linked with reputed local organizations can make your business organization trustworthy and help in growth gradually. 

Why Local SEO in Nepal?

Nepal is a developing country and it doesn’t have advanced tools available. Any business organization wants its business to grow. It is quite hard to promote one’s product globally worldwide. They must target local people or customers first. Local SEO in Nepal helps to grow your business locally. It helps to target nearby customers and satisfy their needs. Local SEO in Nepal not only increases local customers but also helps to gain trust and recognition. With the trust of the customer, you can get better reviews and comments which is key for attracting customers. A user usually prefers those sites which have better reviews and comments. It is also important to reply to comments to maintain a better relationship among users. You can also encourage your local customer to advertise your products and content on social media. 

Local SEO is not just about attracting local users but also make their experience better. Google has algorithms that target location for providing the best local search results. Local ranking is also another factor for ranking higher. Google focuses on three important factors for determining local rankings: Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. Relevance refers to how a local business profile matches with search content. Location refers to the best potential search results measuring how far is your location from the searched address. Prominence refers to how well-known your business is known by Google. 

Any organization must provide its name, address, phone number, descriptions, etc. to make user easier to reach them. Local SEO focus on better mobile user experience as different local search are operated using mobile phones. Local SEO in Nepal helps your business to be known by providing brief details and the location of your organization.

We can conclude that Local SEO is also a key strategy for the organic traffic growth of any organization. One of the most advantageous factors for Local SEO in Nepal is it helps to build links with local businesses helping it to rank higher than your competitors. Local SEO doesn’t provide instant results, you must have patience in order to grow. Local SEO in Nepal has a key role in gaining trust among customers which can grow your business. Better reviews and comments will rank your website higher which is achieved through Local SEO. For a developing country like Nepal, Local SEO can be a key strategy to not only grow business but to be trustworthy as well. So, Local SEO in Nepal has greater importance and impact on any organization’s better ranking and promotions.


Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business to be more visible during local search results in google.

There many technical terms through which one can perform Local SEO, they are:

  • Optimize the URL, Meta descriptions, Heading tags, and Contents
  • Focusing on local link building.
  • Make mobile-friendly websites
  • Always mention NAP and locations
  • Advertise on Social Media
  • Collect and reply to user reviews and comments

SEO itself is a vast component used to optimize the website and increase its organic traffic locally and worldwide as well. While Local SEO is an SEO strategy that targets local users or customers and makes content visible locally.

There are many paid and free tools available on the Internet useful for Local SEO. Upon the need of your organization or business, you need to decide what is best. For better business growth it is recommended to hire Local SEO paying certain amounts.   

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