About us

About Us

We are a group of people who have expertise in On-Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, Backlink Building, Content Head, Graphic Designer, Website Structure Manager, and so on our team members are located in Nepal, the USA, Germany, and so on. We make sure that the website is friendly and follow 200+ ranking factor that might be affecting your website. 

Beyond this, we are established in 2018 with two members. Now we have more than 10+ team members who are in our team. We have a success rate of more than 90% in our SEO Projects. Being said that we’re one of the leading SEO agencies in Nepal too.

Why SEO With Nepal SEO?

We are one of the leading agencies we have full six months funnel following that funnel, we’re able to achieve a better ranking and be transparent with our clients. Our team members are around the world, so we can get better insights into the international market and apply those which help our client website to stand out in the crowd. 

At Nepal SEO Agency, we have top-notch professional in this field that will surely help on improving the site traffic, helps in growth, and at last funnel towards sales.

Do We Offer Any Services for Free?

Yes, we do. We have SEO Tools that are totally free to use which will enhance and helps in optimizing the website. We have two tools: SEO Tool, which is basically used for analyzing your website furthermost and helps in analyzing the competitor’s rankings, and keywords too. 

While next tool is out different pieces of code that will allow you to find out every aspect needed while browsing the site. Let suppose, we need webp images so we have jpg, png to webp converter which will help you, IP Trackers, and other tools. Beyond this, all our SEO Packages are paid services that we offer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make every business in Nepal have a strong digital presence so that they can expand and get benefits through the Digital Presence of business in search engines. While our client’s business terms and services are searched, we want them ranked to meet with potential customers via Nepal SEO Agency.

Our Service

We provide a variety of services in SEO; we serve On and Off SEO Packages, Personal, Business, and Enterprise SEO Packages, and Keywords Research Services, Audit Reports, etc., which will help them to optimize and maximize them in growing their website.

Our Social Profiles

Beyond the website, we are quite active on social media channels, like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more. We have a good number of followers on these channels. Be one of them and follow to learn more insights on SEO.


Our Facebook Page url is :https://www.facebook.com/nepalseoofficial/



Our Youtube Channel url is: https://www.youtube.com/@nepalseo/

Our Clients

What Client Say

Our Clients are super happy about the service which we gave them on the cheap rate are 30% than our competitor’s plans at the best packages.