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Enterprise SEO Audit: Structure and Organized

Enterprise SEO Audits Report Description:

The Enterprise SEO Audits will contain a brief about the website, which will take 3-5 Days to generate the report. The report is given by the industrial expert, who will give their suggestions, website issues, structure problems, link analysis, backlinks report and ways to optimize them to rank higher on search engines. We especially love to do competitor analysis of the market to find out the gaps between you and your potential competitors to take advantage of competitors analysis, and we’ll provide the report too. 

After the enterprise website seo audit report, we will schedule a call with your team member to discuss the website from the perspective of EEAT and other google algorithms and other issues that your website is doing. Within this, we will provide you with six months of the strategy of your website to keep you updated with the trends of your niche. 

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Why Enterprise SEO Audit From Nepal SEO?

STEP 1: On-Page Enterprise SEO Audit

Content Quality Audit

The Content Quality audit will cover all the processes of finding detailed content audits like EEAT requirements, helpful content updates, panda update requirements, hummingbird satisfaction, and more.

Keyword Optimization Audit

This Audit will content every aspect of keyword optimization keyword based on ranking. This report will show the keyword cannibalization issues, other keyword issues based upon the keyword density, the primary keyword on the URL, first sentence, and last sentence, and other ways to optimize the keyword-based, on average, articles posted.

Keyword Position Audit

It will show the keyword position report ranked on different search engines and ways to uplift those keywords. We will provide the keywords’ position of 500 – 1000 based on their position and popularity.

Meta Tag / URL / UI

Optimizing the meta tags like Meta Titles, Meta descriptions, OG Tags, Featured Images, ALT Tags, and URL structure is the basic optimization that should be done to give better navigation towards search engine spiders. The report will contain all of those aspects of the website.

New content recommendations

We will recommend new content that can lead to more traffic and structure to signify to google properly about your niche, content that leads to inquiry and sales, and other ways to improve the content.

Step 2: Off-Page Enterprise SEO Audit

Backlink Quality Audit

Audit the quality of backlinks is the foremost thing to do in OFF Page Enterprise SEO Audit; we will give a detailed Audit of your backlinks and whether they are good backlinks. Do they come from good sources or spammy sites? We will provide all of this report on this backlink quality Audit.

Internal Links Audit

The Internal Links Audit will cover the link references from your sites. Do they satisfy user intent on those links? Are they quality internal links? Are they good places ? and other internal links aspects will be covered in this Audit.

External Link Audit

Like an internal link audit, this will contain the same aspects like anchor text details, spammy website, user intent satisfaction on clicking and other aspects.

Broken Link Audit

The Audit will show all the broken links of your sites. The broken links are also placed inside the internal/external link audit, showing the broken links pointing toward or printed from your website.

Competitor backlinks

We will analyze the top 3 competitors’ backlinks based on page wise and other aspects of their backlinks and ways to improve your backlinks concerning competitors’ backlinks.

Redirect / Orphaned URLs Issues

All the redirects and orphaned URL issues are also detected and placed in the report.

Step 3: Technical Enterprise SEO Audit

Website crawl

In this aspect, we’ll address all the crawlability and indexing issues to find ways to fix them if there are any issues on the site. Here we’ll look in depth at the fixation of robots.txt, other javascript blocks indexing, sitemap .xml, etc.

Website / Page Structure Audit

Website structure plays a vital role. While the site is in a specific niche, we should follow the trends of site structure and update them according to the user interface. We’ll give the Audit of website / Page structure audits that are trendy and seem more to satisfy users.

Hreflang / Servers / Email / Site Speed

We’ll address all the errors of the website that were to be solved by the developer. The website server, IP address, and email issues like spammy that make websites spammy and other issues were addressed. While we also look into the site speed and ways to optimize them as the site speed is also one of the ranking factors.

Step 4: Schema, Review, Product & Structure Data Review

The following Audit will contain the structural data verification and address all the issues in the structural data. Even More new ways of structural data to take one step from competitors were also suggested.

Step 5: Competitor Research and Gap Analysis

This report will contain the addressable competitor’s strategy, planning, and implementation they are taking to get ranked higher in SERP. This report will help in further planning, and strategy making to achieve some milestones than competitors.

Step 6: International/local Targeting & 6 Months Strategy Report

The report will contain the international or local market targeting based on your interest and the six months of strategy to achieve a higher ranking on search engine pages. In the strategy brief, there will be a discussion at the meeting, and other personal inquiries regarding the site will be discussed.

Tools Used While Auditing Enterprise Site

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Enterprise SEO Audit Contain:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The audit report will be with you within 3-5 business days, and one – 1 hour of consultation about the website will be given with proper strategy and planning.

We’ll first address all the audit details with you in one meeting and make a report according to you; however, if you’re not satisfied with the report or more data is needed, we can reaudit the site to give the best service to you.

The report will be in google docs and google sheets.

The enterprise SEO Audit is an SEO Audit that contains the ranking factor and optimization factors that can lead to major traffic in a particular niche. With an Enterprise seo audit, one can achieve the things and negative effects that are harming the site ranking.

Especially Enterprise SEO Audits are done to rank and get leads from B2B customers, which can increase the business revenue, connections and more.

Doing an Enterprise SEO Audit is a moderated job. To do so, you must create an Enterprise SEO Checklist, implement those checklists, check for errors, and find ways to optimize them. Make sure to give their value of money enterprise audit so they will benefit from there.

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