Best Nepali Tech

Case Study : Best Nepali Tech

First Phase Of SEO (2 Months)

During this phase, the site was developed, and initially hired, our Nepal SEO for SEO Works. Best Nepali Tech is a Blog Website that tends to provide information related to the Tech field in Nepal. Through the first two months, we had up and downs knowing the site properly.

Second Phase of SEO (Mid 2 Months)

In the second phase, we have double the Traffic. The niche is Tech guiding on Smartphones, Laptops, and more. We had to guide the content writer about the best strategy to follow while writing, which took us towards this much Traffic.

Third Phase Of SEO (Mid 4-6 Months)

In the third phase, our growth was exponential. We had so many inquiries that it enabled us to source and collect data, engage in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and even tap into the Nepal SEO market. With these strategies working in tandem, we were able to see a huge boost in our business’s performance

4th Phase od SEO (6-8 Months)

It all began eight months ago when they decided to take a chance on search engine optimization through the Nepal SEO website. They invested in Nepal SEO services to advise them on the best strategies for improving our online presence and search rankings. After eight months of hard work and dedication.