Third Eye Adventure

Case Study : Third Eye Adventure

Compared Result of SEO

The data is from (April 28 – August 7) and (August 8 – December 28). The result is above, the click growth has been 970, and we are visible on the google search engine by doubling from 111k to 232k. The average CTR & position has been down because the targeted keyword has been more in recent days. E.g., The site has fewer targeted keywords, and while optimizing the keyword on the overall website, we got more keywords which resulted in the downfall of the Average Position.

Result of 4 Months Differences

Overall, we have optimized the website template & technical issues in the first phase that make a massive difference in the keywords clicks. These all are the high-density keywords where now, the website needs the technical SEO as it lacks new features, and we’re into consulting with the developer to update the website.

Chat GPT - ThiRD EYE Growth

We asked CHAT GPT what our growth rate is on the website; the growth rate is 58.54% in these four months. Contact Us For your SEO Project Right Away.