Strategy Made For About Us Page SEO

What Are the Strategy Made For About Us Page SEO?

The About Us page SEO is an underrated but quite helpful SEO strategy that helps businesses gain trust from users and search engines. Usually, when buying a service or product, people are likely to read about the page to know the value, ethics, and goals of the Business

In the same way, Google also crawled the About Us page to learn about the business. I have seen many websites keep trash and unusual things on their About Us page.

Today, we’re going to talk about the common mistakes and strategies that should be made on the About Us page to optimize the page’s SEO and also to gain users’ trust.

About Us Page Holds More Authority After Home Page

We all know how crucial a home page is for SEO purposes; the About Us page holds the most authority after the homepage, where we can promote our product or service. The page shouldn’t be only about the history that makes people bored; there should be related information and content that helps users gain a good experience on the website.

By Reaching the About Us page, the users should get all the information about the Business, the services it provides, and so on. It is the page where we can showcase all our achievements, badges, and why you selected us for this particular niche.

Strategy To Make About Us Page SEO Friendly

We have talked about how the About Us page holds authority; now, let’s dive into the strategy to make the About Us page SEO-friendly.

Focus on Creating EEAT inside the About Us Page

But how can we create EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)? This can be shown from our history and what businesses have done in the past for the related industry. By creating different sections under the About Us page or by creating different pages and making About Us parent pages.

The badges or achievements that the business has received can also be shown on the page to boost authority. Creating a section for testimonials can help in gaining the users’ trust as well as search engines. We can also describe our best-selling product or service on our page.

Create a section for Business Overview, explaining the targeted audiences and talking about relevant buyer persona. This also helps search engines know your buyer persona and the niche you’re focused on.

Structure Data Implementation

Structure Data is the microdata that google, and other search engines understand easily. We can see the structure of the data on the website’s homepage. We can also see these structure data on product pages having FAQ Schema, Review and Aggregating Schema, Breadcrumb Schema, and so on.

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Organization",
"@id": "",
"name": "",
"url": "",
"address": {
"@type": "PostalAddress",
"addressLocality": "",
"addressCountry": "",
"postalCode": "",
"streetAddress": ""
 "logo": "",
 "description": "",
 "sameAs": [

Adding the structure data of an organization on a website helps to understand the Business better in Google. You can follow the organization schema guidelines and validate it from the website.

Competitor Analysis of the About Us Page

Competitor analysis is best whenever you’re doing something on SEO. Analyze the pattern and things kept inside the About Us page. Is document verification kept there? Are there sections for badges and achievement? And how have they structured their page? Do an Analysis of each section and follow a similar strategy for your page also.

Notice their internal linking strategy inside the About Us page, Structure Data strategy, On Page Structure, FAQs, and other noticeable things.

Plan and Structure Sections

From our EEAT section, we know we have to create different sections but plan accordingly after doing a competitor analysis. Make sure every strategy you make here affects your conversion optimization and user perspectives, too. Think from the user perspective and keep the section with competitor analysis by the side.

There are many necessary documents to be kept, like business documents, Certification of Approval, Achievement, Valuable Assist, and many more. You can also use the parent page started if your competitors are using them.

Promote Business Inside About Us Page

Promoting business is another strategy you can use on the About Us page. Where you can create different content related to your Business. You can make sections for (Why To use Our Product?), (How Are We Different From Other?), (Helpful and Important Page), etc. Doing all these strategies helps in standing out in the niche.

Linking Strategy

Create an asset that can be internally linked naturally. As the second most authority page inside the website gives internal linking to another page, the link juice passes and gives value. But don’t practice unnatural internal links that may punish your website. Some Best Examples of Internal Linking Can be:

  • Best Selling Products
  • Helpful Resource

External links can be given to superior websites like newspapers, local government sites, or niche-related sites where the Business has been featured in a top position.

Listen From Experts

Frequently Asked Question?

Can I leave the Meta Title and Description Without Writing?

It is the wrong approach; writing a meta title and description for the About Us page helps in showing the SERP results in an organized way.

Which Structure Markup to Use on the About Page?

You can use an organization schema for business and a personal schema for a single person. At the same time, the breadcrumb schema can be used by everyone.

Does About Us Page Optimization Help SEO?

Yes, the About Us page helps in SEO optimization as it helps search engines know the business better.

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