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Successful B2B SEO Strategy to Outrank Competitors in 2024

Today, I will show you the B2B SEO strategy I have used for the Business 2 Business Targeting Campaign. The Business SEO Strategy should focus on the company’s decision-maker so that we make a B2B Deal. But How? Let’s dive into our Content

Our Content will start through the introduction of B2B SEO and How does this works.

What is B2B SEO?

The SEO approach targeting the Business for making business-to-business deals is B2B SEO. The tools of B2B SEO are precisely the same as B2C, but the difference is the strategy we’ll make on B2B SEO to focus on the Business Owners or decision makers. 

While crafting the B2B strategy, we should be aware of every customization and strategy we make on the website for targeting the Business.

Difference Between B2B and B2C SEO

The main difference between B2B and B2C SEO is the targeted group. In B2B, we target the Business, while in B2C, we target consumers directly. Another difference is that we focus on narrow keywords, and B2C focuses on broader keywords. 

The B2C strategy differs entirely from B2B as the targeted audience and group are very different. As said, Tools, SEO template, B2B SEO audit, technical SEO, on-page, and off-page remain the same, but the strategy is different in  B2B SEO. 

By Strategy, I mean the Buyer personally and their intent. We’ll plan something similar to their interests. 

How I Create My B2B SEO Strategy?

Now we are going deep into how my B2B SEO strategy goes:

Create Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is the imaginary character of the person who is our product buyer. Suppose you have a shoe factory. Your Buyer is the retail store where you’ll supply the manufactured shoes. The retailer lives in Texas and uses mobile phones the most. And, other rest of the things you have to find out like:

Characters Daily Routine: He wakes up at 5 am, goes to wholesale shops, and comes to his shop
Age Group: More than 35 years
Location: Texas
Interest: Scaling Business by providing the best quality shoes in Texas
Education: Bachelor Pass
Income Status: 10000$ Per Month 
Internet Usage: Highly Active
Goals: Find a bit of worthy shoes in less amount.

Note: You have to make your buyer perosna to meet your client requiremnet like job title, position and so on.

My Creating a Buyer persona will help you in making a strategy. We have an idea about how to trigger this buyer persona.

Website Design, Structure, and Technical SEO

We have a concept of what our buyer persona is. We must be very specific about what s/he might like on the website and plan things accordingly.

Our buyer persona is a bit old, so he might like the traditional design or similar website patterns. This helps us with Conversion rate Optimization. Or, if the website is good, we can skip this part for now. 

Next is the silo structure. Is the website in proper structure? If Not, we have to plan things, and the next part is the technical aspect of SEO. Technical SEO is the same as a B2C Website. We should make sure Google can crawl and index. Fix every technical SEO problem related to the website.

We have to select the keyword specifically targeted to our buyer persona rather than going on board keywords. Yes, the volume might be very low in comparison, but in such a way, it reaches our audience.

Wholesale Shoes Shop in Texas - 50 Volume.
What are the best wholesale shoe shops in Texas - 100-volume
Shoe Shop in Texas - 2k volume

In this situation, we have three keywords, but we won’t target the third keyword, “Shoe Shop in Texas,” because our Buyer won’t search this way. Our Buyer is more likely to search by those top two keywords.

Commercial or Information Intent?

Transactional or Buyer intent keywords are known as commercial keywords. Still, those keywords that only search for reading or gaining information are known as information intent.

Now, we have two keywords: we have to select our priority keyword, “Wholesale Shoes shop in Texas,” because the keyword intent is commercial or transaction. But our next keyword is “What are the best wholesale shoe shops in Texas” that have information intent.

Do Serp Analysis

Once the keyword is finalized, Do a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis of the keyword to find additional information about the keyword like the competitors ranking, average word count, images used, external and internal linkings, find some long tail as well as seed keywords and more on in SERP Analysis.

Create Content on Commercial / Information Keywords

The next thing to do is the same as we do on B2C SEO. We have to create the commercial intent keyword content. This commercial Content should be very different from the Blog Post. I plan to make a separate template for this to make it stand out.

Every word on the commercial page should be written in such a way that we optimize the conversion on the package. On Informational Keywords, We have to publish the information intent content as much as possible. It helps to build the authority on our commercial page by internally linking it. 

Sometimes, even the Buyer strikes from the information Content and is likely to buy our product or service. While doing so, we must follow the on-page SEO checklist guidelines.

Optimize Commercial Keyword Page

We have to keep the commercial page priority apart from others. Updating the Content regularly. Keeping the Keywords on the Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, and H1 Tag. Make sure the primary keyword is placed in the first and last paragraph. Optimization of images and everything. 

Creating the hook inside the commercial page is the plus point.

Building backlinks gives us the authority to rank when links come from good sites. According to your niche, acquire backlinks by reaching out. When you are reaching for the backlink, don’t use the exact anchor text again and again. You can use similar anchor text.

Also, Try building the links for information pages, not just the main page. Acquiring the backlink for the information page indirectly gives authority to our main page as we have done internal linking

Getting more backlinks = Getting More Authority To Rank


Everything is similar, but the strategy is the only difference we should apply to the B2B SEO. These six points should be included: Buyer Persona, Related Keywords, Serp Analysis, Create Content, and Acquire Backlink. 

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