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SEO Services Cost: Detail Break Down OF SEO Service Cost

How Much Actually SEO Services Cost?

SEO Services Cost is based on the nature of keywords, industry and niche competition, the SEO Service we want, and generally on the person providing the service. The cost depends upon the professionalism of the expert you’re hiring. 

In short, we will briefly cover the average price that SEO experts tend to charge, the types of seo available in the market, cheap vs. legit SEO pricing, google ads or organic result, and other details regarding SEO and its cost.

SEO Services Cost Based on Category

SEO Services Cost also depends upon the SEO category we are trying to find out. Some people believe SEO is all about link building, so they hire some link-building experts, or some may think SEO depends on On-Page SEO, so they hire them. In short, some people try to hire an Overall SEO Services from one marketplace, and all costs and pricing will be different.

1. Link Building Cost

Link building SEO costs are quite expensive as building links is one of the difficult parts of SEO to crack down. The Quality of links, Linking Sites Anchor text, etc., matters when buying a single connection, but hiring someone for link building only can cost around $500 – $1000/ monthly on the mid-range or small-level SEO service.

link building structure
Link Building Structure

While buying this link-building SEO services, be aware of the types of links you’ll get, the Quality of linking sites, follow or no follow links, etc.

2. On-Page SEO Cost

On-Page SEO is all about maintaining the site structure, planning, and strategy process to enhance the Quality of content present on the webpage. On Page SEO should be in point to rank the website. We can also notice people hiring on-page SEO experts for their well-maintained website content – strategy – analytics, etc.

on page seo
On Page SEO – Download Checklist

On-Page SEO Costs around $200$500 for small and mid-level businesses, while enterprises depend upon their website pages, niche, and structure.

3. Technical SEO Cost

Technical SEO means fixing website errors, SEO problems in the developer phase. At the same time, these technical SEO costs are also comparatively higher than on-page SEO services because they require the developer and technical SEO experience to fix these problems. In comparison, most seo experts give suggestions or solutions to their developers for fixing the technical seo problem. So there are fewer priorities or needs for a Technical SEO person. 

The Audit & Problem Fixication for Technical SEO cost starts from $200, while those developers and technical seo experts who fixed the problems are likely starting their charge from $500. Be clear about the type of technical seo expert they’re while hiring them.

4. Overall SEO Services Cost: On Page, Off Page, Technical Suggestion

The Overall SEO Cost is cheaper than others as they focus on getting long-term clients with the belief of Return On Investment. These SEO Services cater to all aspects and are mostly projected for 6- or 12 months agreements or more upon X amount of monthly money.

This SEO service contains six months of planning from on-page SEO, content planning, schema, analytics and strategy, link building, and focused keywords for achieving their desired goal on projected time and long-term projects.

The Overall SEO Service costs between $300 – $700 and is much more likely to be less than $500 in small and mid-level businesses as they are long-term projects.

What Affects SEO Service Costs in the USA and other countries?

SEO Service Cost depends upon many factors in the USA and other countries like the money fluctuation of the SEO representative government, Keyword Difficulty, structure and planning, and more.

1. Money Fluctuation of SEO Representative Country

Money fluctuation of the SEO representative country is a huge difference in SEO service cost. As per their economy, they charge the same wise low or high in their SEO services.

2. Keyword Difficulty and Capability of Revenue

The keyword difficulty also plays a vital role in SEO services cost as per the niche and the website’s revenue, so the SEO experts will determine their pricing. For Example: (carpenter in California) and (a car shop in California), the Same person can charge low for the first keyword and set high for the second keyword due to keyword capability of revenue and difficulty.

Planning and Strategy

As per the website strategy and planning, the cost may also vary depending on the client’s requirement for design and planning. The process may focus more on link building or website structure, increasing pricing.

SEO Budget And Reality

SEO budgets are generally low compared to other marketing budgets because many people need to learn about the real power of Search engine Optimization. On average, the SEO Budget is only 2-10% of their marketing budget, while PPC (Pay per Click )budgets are  3050%.

The SEO budget should likely be more than 20% for an effective run of their marketing as there is a huge difference between pay-per-click and organic clicks result, and many companies need more than this and are willing to pay less for SEO.

Comparison: Google Ads Vs. Google Organic SEO Service Cost

People / Companies are paying for Google ads to boost their service for a short time only for getting sales/inquiry or brand awareness or even more in high pay while for the same report and lead companies are insured to pay SEO expert because it needs the patience of time and dedication, right expert for growth, strategy and more. 

Pros of Google AdsCons of Google Ads
Highly targeted advertising.Can be expensive.
Measurable results.Tired of Ads
Flexibility in ad formats.Users may have ad blockers installed.
A/B testing.Users may be accustomed to ignoring ads.
Detailed targeting.Ad placement is determined by Google.
Pros of SEOCons of SEO
Improves visibility in organic search results.Results are not immediate and require ongoing effort.
Provides long-term benefits and ROI.Algorithms and best practices are constantly changing, requiring regular updates to strategies.
Helps establish credibility and authority in your industry.Competing with established websites and domains can be challenging.
Can improve user experience and website usability.Results can be difficult to measure and quantify.
Can be cost-effective compared to paid advertising.Success can depend on factors outside of your control, such as changes to search engine algorithms.

Does SEO Have ROI – Return on Investment?

SEO Why Not? Maximum people search on search engines like google, bing, brave, yahoo, etc., to find the suitable service or product they are willing to buy. Likewise, doing SEO on a particular niche of business will help to get in touch with the potential consumers of our business within targeted locations. In the long term, SEO has a return on investment for sure.

Things To Consider While Hiring For SEO

While hiring an SEO Specialist or expert, you should always review their SEO Background, Client reviews, previous SEO projects, strategy, and expertise in related fields. We have listed four main things to consider while hiring an SEO Agency to grow your website.

1. Previous Projects

Looking at the SEO agency previous clients result helps identify their achievable data in those projects, why those projects ended, whether the clients are happy, whether they have achieved their SEO goal, and give ROI. These are the things you should look at while hiring an SEO Agency. And last, how did you find them through ads campaigns or organic search? Only go with those you found through organic result rather than ads campaigns, as they have deliver the SEO result on their sites.

2. Their Site SEO Stage

As we discussed in the previous stage, how did you find them? There are many ways to find SEO Experts; the best choice goes through organic search as they have proven results. 

Determine the SEO Stage of the site through the Ubbersuggest tool, as it is cost-effective and helps to find those data at a minimal price than other SEO Tools. Look for their SEO Score of audit in ubersuggest and determine if they are the right SEO Service for you. 

Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use platform where you can see the data through a basic domain search without a technical or vast knowledge of SEO.

3. Their Content Planning

While interacting with their representative, ask them about their vision of content planning and website planning to rank the website higher on search engines. If you’re unsatisfied with their planning, ask them for another plan or go with other SEO Services.

4. Does they care about your business or your money?

Legit SEO Experts always try to find out your queries related to your business website rather than focusing on money. This is a huge RED FLAG if any SEO experts want to know the budget before trying to find out your goals of hiring a SEO expert.

Some SEO Service Costs in Platform and Review

There are numerous SEO Service platforms and marketplaces, and finding one is always difficult for businesses. They wonder about the SEO Service cost, planning, and more. We have listed some of the platforms where SEO Experts provide their service with a review of that platform.

The marketplace reviews given here are based on our experience on those platforms and our client’s review, as we are an SEO Agency. We have some data related to these SEO Platform’s service reality. 

1. Fiverr / Upwork / Freelance Platforms

Finding an SEO Expert in Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing websites like freelancing, SEO clarity, etc., is the easiest task, as we can see services named SEO Link Building Service, ON Page SEO Service, WordPress SEO Service, and more. At the same time, numerous are fake and lack proper SEO expertise. Finding out the legit and good SEO Experts on these platforms is a difficult task, and also their chargers are likely higher than most SEO Experts offer in other markets, and the Quality of services is low. 

fiver SEO Service cost

Legit SEO Services in these platforms cost around $500 – $1000 per month; they may also need more quality SEO because they will have 10 20+ clients per person, so they may also need to give timing and SEO Services as expected in these SEO Costs.

2. Facebook Groups

Finding SEO Experts in Facebook groups is the worst thing anyone can do. Facebook groups are full of SEO Scammers who only try to scam people rather than give services. Know that a professional SEO person will only search for jobs and freelance on this type of Facebook group. Be Aware.

facebook SEO service provider scam

Bonus Tips: You can join the SEO Signal Lab Facebook group, which is a group of 1000+ SEO Experts who share their expertise and problems in the group.

3. Through Ads

As said before, those who know SEO won’t run ads to find their customers; they try to find their customers by growing the traffic on their business SEO site. Be aware of these kinds of SEO Experts Agency. These types of agencies are also a huge Red Flag for hiring.

4. Find an SEO Expert From a Search Engine

This can be a wonderful idea because they drive their potential customer and get leads through SEO; you want exactly the same. Hiring them is less risky than hiring from other marketplaces. In all of those, we highly recommend someone to find SEO Experts through search engines.

How Much Does SEO Cost in 2023?

The above article gives you an approximate answer and idea of SEO Service cost while hiring someone. In summary, SEO is the most demanding job in 2023 too. Determining all those, a business can expect to hire a SEO expert for $300 – $500 for small and mid-level companies. While enterprise SEO may cost more than $800 per month, depending upon the niche.

Cheap SEO Service Cost vs Legit SEO Service Cost

As we discussed, the cheap SEO service cost may be less than $200, while a legit seo service will probably cost $300 monthly. It also depends on the fluctuation of money in their country, their living expenses, seo experience, previous generation revenue, niche, keyword difficulty, etc. 

Is SEO Services Cost More Expensive Than Ads? Comparative Result

We at Nepal SEO do both SEO & Paid Ads for our clients and from our experience, the given answers are given. We have asked our 4 members about the SEO Service Cost and paid ads cost, and all of their answers were the same. Of course No, SEO Services can be cheaper and quite effective than paid ads. 

All of them have similar answers. In summary, SEO is all about long-term result-driven projects. At the same time, Paid Ads give results fast with the exact targeted location, audience, interest, age, etc., while their cost per click can be much higher than doing SEO.

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