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Google Remove 110 Characters Limit on Title From Article Schema Structural Data

The Google Search Engine recently updated the website’s headline title property. But Why? Because maybe Google thought we should be more aware of the headline rather than focusing only on maintaining the structural data. Recently Google has made changes to the documentation of the Structural Data, which is evidence they changed it.

Article Schema Markup (Structural data) – Before Change

Let’s get a few backs in history. On Dec 20, 2022, the WayBack Archive of Structural Data Article showed that the text of the Headline shouldn’t exceed more than 110 characters. Our article should focus on following the google structural data for better ranking, which compromises the quality of the Headline due to the shorter title. 

screenshot of structural data of article page before the change
Screenshot Before the Change

Article Schema Markup (Structural data) – After Change

Back into Today, As of Jan 3, 2023, we can see the changes on the following line, which clarifies that “The title of the article. Consider using a concise title, as long titles may be truncated on some devices.” The above line says they have considered removing it due to shortner of a few devices, or we may also clarify it for a better user experience?

screenshot of the structural data of article schema page after the change
Screenshot After the Change

Latest Docs Updates Brief this More

The latest Search Engine update of January 2023 claimed that they removed ” the 110 character limit for the headline property in the Article structured data documentation to ensure there’s no hard character limit. 

Latest Docs Update

Since this changes on structure data, you’ll no longer get errors regarding this title limit. Have a nice Day, and always choose Nepal SEO for better navigation on Search Engine Optimization.

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