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Google Officially Conform To Launch Chat-Based Search By This Month: Know More About News

On Feb-2, Barry Schwartz was reporting on Search Engine Land about Google Ads Earning with the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai. The report covers the google Ads revenue decreasing by 3.6% per year. While on the call, Sundar Pichai said something big was coming this Wednesday and within the coming weeks or months, they will release the Chat Based Search Featured on Search Engines with their own AI and LaMDA.

What Really Did Sundar Pichai Said Regarding Chat-Based Search Feature on Call?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll make these language models available, starting with LaMDA, so that people can engage directly with them. This will help us continue to get feedback, test, and safely improve them. These models are particularly amazing for composing, constructing, and summarizing. They will become even more useful for people as they provide up-to-date more factual information

Ceo Pichai Said This On Call:

Then, he also claimed that Google is the first AI company more than six years ago Then Pichai said “We have been preparing for this moment since early last year, and you’re going to see a lot from us in the coming few months across three big areas of opportunity; first, large models. We published extensively about LaMDA and PoN, the industry’s largest, most sophisticated model plus extensive work at DeepMind”

Additionally, he also said “We’ll be launching — we’ll — more as labs products in certain cases, beta features in certain cases and just slowly scaling up from there. Obviously, we need to make sure we’re iterating in public, these models will keep getting better, so the field is fast changing. The serving costs will need to be improved.

So I view it as very, very early days, but we are committed to putting our experiences, both in terms of new products and experiences, actually bringing direct LLM experiences in Search, making APIs available for developers and enterprises, and learning from there and iterate as we’ve always done. So I’m looking forward to it,”

At last, he said “In terms of Search too, now that we can integrate more direct LLM type experiences in Search, I think it will help us expand and serve new types of use cases, generative use cases. And so I think I see this as a chance to rethink and re-imagine and drive Search to solve more use cases for our users as well. So again, early days, you will see us be bold, put things out, get feedback, and iterate and make things better.”

Advantages of Chat Based Search Feature

  • People will find quick answers and response
  • It saved user time
  • No Ads as it’s on the featured chat

What Affect Can We Saw After Launch?

  • Paragraph Feature Will Be Rarely Seen?
  • Decrease in CTA of the website?
  • Ads Revenue For Both google and Blogger may decrease.

Be ready for this Feb 8,

Besides this let us know other about your responses to the confirmation of Sundar Pichai regarding the AI. Will this decrease the audience of Chat GPT 3? Will this Affect Google Ads Revenue? Will this be the end of Blogger? Might Google have thought about every consequence of this factor?

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